If, like every dairy farmer we’ve ever spoken to, you think you could find better uses for your time than manually drafting your herd at milking
– Protrack Drafter is the answer.

Whether you run a herringbone or rotary system, whether you are retro-fitting into an existing shed or building a new one
– Protrack Drafter is the answer.

Basically whatever you are asking for - even if, like James, it is more time testing yourself in some of the world's best rivers
- Protrack Drafter is the answer.

Protrack Drafter is the answer:

  • The Protrack Drafter system consists of an in-dairy rugged PC that utilises proven software and communicates directly with a durable drafting gate.
  • A reader positioned at the gate detects the animals EID tag, identifies the cow and drafts appropriately.
  • It is a very simple system to install, learn and operate.
  • Complemented by a drafting app, it is a simple stand-alone automated drafting unit.
  • The system is suitable for all shed designs and can integrate seamlessly with your on-farm practices.